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He would try watercolor first, he decided, then oils, but would he manage to capture that enchantment?
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  • If the old man gets hurt, he'll never see a dime.
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    On that occasion well over four hundred men, women, and children arrived from all over the Impire, including six former consuls, four senators, and numerous praetors, lictors, and legates. The little boy was delighted and Alemi obviously approved of Readis demeanor.
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    But here Stern sat, nonetheless, eager, among other things, to dash any final doubts.

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  • They had many dead comrades to remember, but youth cannot mourn long.

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    Dating a Younger Woman

    Lucky stud! You are dating a younger woman! Your family probably wants to have you committed and your friends want to do you bodily harm. You are the envy of everyone around you and there are times when you catch our reflection in the mirror and cannot believe that great big old smile is actually on your face. Dating a younger woman can be a very rewarding thing, if you know a few things upfront.


    If you are an open minded kind of guy, dating a younger woman can show you a whole new world. Let her show you the music that makes her happy, you might actually like it. Check out the pop culture icons of her generation. Do not be too upset if she says that she has not heard of any of yours. Hopefully she will be as open minded and allow you to show her a taste of your world too.


    You must also keep in mind that the bigger the age gap, the bigger the gap in life experiences. If it is only a few years we are talking about, then it might only be a few minor things, but the more years that separate you, the more gaps there will be. Trying to relate to someone the same age as your children without treating them like a child themselves is a dance done on a very fine line.


    Younger women for the most part are very health conscious and will more than likely want to try to change your eating and exercise habits. If you met your younger lover at the gym, do not expect her to be happy sitting on the couch night after night eating chips and drinking soda. Her youth is important to her, and she will try to stretch it out for as many years as possible. If she truly does like you, she will more than likely decide that she wants to keep you around for a long time as well. That means new diet and exercise routines for you; you owe it to yourself to at least give her advice a try. If you want to keep up with your young lover, you have to start taking better care of yourself, right?


    While it is true that the age difference will mean that there are a lot of things that you do not have in common, you might be surprised at the things you do have. For instance, since women mature faster than men do, the younger woman might have reached an age where she is ready to settle down, where her peers are not. As an older man, you have probably done your own wild oat sowing and are ready as well. Of course, if you are an older man just out of a long term relationship, you might not be looking to start anything serious just now. Make sure that you keep the line of communication open on this so that there are no hurt feelings.


    Finally, remember this: age is simply a number. If you do not like vapid women the same age as you, you certainly will not like vapid women twenty years younger, no matter how perky her bum. If you look, feel and act fifty years old, you are not going to be happy with a woman that is the epitome of twenty. Chemistry does not take numbers into account, so look for a connection before checking for age.